Bricolage's 10th Anniversary

  • Bricolage homepage
  • About Us detail, complete with big heavy bricks
  • Placeholder graphics were created for Bricolage's staple shows.

When we sat down with our friends at Bricolage Production Company to plan out a refreshed website for their 10th anniversary, we knew we were in for a treat of a project. Aside from being amongst our most exciting and innovative clients, the Bricolage crew are always up for some creative problem solving.

Creating a visually attractive website that is both representative of one of the most boundary-pushing companies around and convenient and easy to use for their diverse spectrum of patrons is no small challenge, but it's exactly the type of project we love to tackle.

The resulting product does just that. We maintained the urban, uniquely Pittsburgh feel that just IS Bricolage and at the same time cleaned up the interface, focusing their homepage and subsequent production schedule on those events that would be most important to the broadest part of their audience. For those seeking to learn more about this cutting-edge group, we left plenty of meat on the bone for them to browse and enjoy.

Here's to 10 amazing years and to the exciting future we know these guys will have.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Website design
  • Custom production graphics
  • Drupal website development